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Garden 31 Programs

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Apprenticeship and re-entry program designed to provide homeless, justice-impacted and at-risk individuals with pathways to overcome obstacles, change lives and give back to their community in beneficial ways. These individuals are given occupational training in regenerative farming as well as natural resource managment.

Along with ocupational training apprentices will receive, recovery and personal development programming that will help them distance themselves from former attitudes, thought patterns and behaviors. The program is designed to build leaders.


Neighbor Farms

This is  a community involved program where Garden 31 members establish food producing gardens throughout the community. Headed by Bryce Luquet, the outreach team creates gardens and food beds in public and private areas while assisting community members in transforming empty spaces into productive food supplies. Helping with design, development and construction along with educating caretakers ensuring prolonged success.

Lush Plants

Community Gardens

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Youth Garden Classes

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Plant Selection

I Am We - Charactery Mastery

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Garden 31 Programs: Courses
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