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The G.R.O.W.E.R. Apprenticeship  Program stands for Generating Real Opportunities With Earth's Resources. This is a dynamic apprenticeship and re-entry program designed to provide formerly incarcerated and at-risk individuals with pathways to overcome obstacles, change lives and give back to their community in beneficial ways. Trainees begin the 24 to 36 month program as apprentices and advance to Garden 31 members upon graduation. These men and women are given occupational training in the organic food industry at the Garden 31 farm. They learn all aspects of farming , marketing, distribution and management in preparation for managing and operation their own Garden 31 Franchise Farm. They may also advance into other career positions within the organization.

Along with the occupational training  apprentice/members will also receive recovery and re-entry programming. This programming will help them distance themselves from former attitudes, though patterns and behaviors that led them into past troubles and grow into people that add value to our communities. These men and women know that the work they put in each day is not only a benefit to themselves and their families but also helps people to live healthier lives. Their work strengthens the community by creating opportunities for otehrs many of whom are coming from similar environments. 

The G.R.O.W.E.R. apprenticeship program will serve the community by reducing recidivism and chemical dependency thereby empowering individuals and strengthening families. 

Please contact us to learn more!

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